Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)

Research Projects Funded by Medical Tithes

Research projects that are funded through Medical Tithes, are funds that have been receipted under the Canada Revenue Agency’s SR&ED program. Therefore, only expenses directly related to research are eligible as outlined below.

The following expenses are eligible:

  • Salaries & benefits that are research related
  • Research supplies

  • Services that are research related

  • Subject fees

  • Printing, duplicating & postage, if research related

  • Laboratory telephones

  • Animal care expenses

  • Transfer to Lawson (SR&ED eligbile projects)

The following expenses are not eligible:

  • Secretarial salaries & benefits

  • Hospitality, including meals for meetings

  • Equipment

  • General telecommunication costs (cell phones, office phones)

  • Parties, gifts or giftcards

  • Alcohol

  • Registration, travel and meals related to research conferences

For those issuing SR&ED receipts to Clinical Academics, please refer to the following sample letter: