Postgraduate Program 2013/14

Lilija and Janis Strauts Award: Dr. Amanda Brown

Leonora Sheppard Award in Family Medicine: Dr. Ashley Lee

City of Windsor - Family Medicine Physician Award: Dr. Vincent Ruisi

Community for Doctors Family Medicine Physician Award: Dr. Valerie Hill

DoFM: Outstanding Resident Award: Dr. Sarah Kawaguchi

DoFM: Dr. Ron Christie Prize, Best Overall Project: Dr. Maya Rose Maliakkal

DoFM: Best Research Project: Dr. Andrew Gray

DoFM: Best Resident Presentation: Dr. Matthew Moss

DoFM: Best Resident Presentation: Dr. Alexandra George

DoFM: Best Resident Poster: Dr. Andrew Gray

DoFM: Best Resident Poster: Dr. Frederick Cheng

Best Core FM Teacher Award - London: Dr. Susan McNair

Best Core FM Teacher Award - Rural/Regional: Dr. Daniel Leger

Best Core FM Teacher Award - Windsor: Dr. Paul Ziter

Best Adjunct Non-Core FM Teacher Award - London: Dr. Salim Sunderji

Best Adjunct Non-Core FM Teacher Award - Rural/Regional: Dr. Tanya Thornton

Best Adjunct Non-Core FM Teacher Award - Windsor: Dr. Shael Liebman

Best Specialist Teacher: Dr. Quoc Tran

DoFM Allied Health Care Recognition Award: Jennifer Bass, RN

CFPC Research Award for FM Resident: Dr. Andrew Gray

CFPC FM Resident Award for Scholarship: Dr. Maya Rose Maliakkal

CFPC Family Medicine Resident Leadership Award: Dr. Christina Cookson

Dr. Ian McWhinney Teacher of the Year Award: Dr. Paul Ziter

Recognition Award: Co-Chief Residents: Drs. Sarah Kawaguchi, Justin Mall and Vincent Ruisi

Undergraduate 2012/2013:

CFPC Medical Student Leadership Award: Michael Verbora

CFPC Medical Student Scholarship: Dale Edwards

The Theo Mary Anderson Scholarship in Family Medicine: Wendy Liu

The Dr. R.A. Kinch Prize in Community Medicine: Adelaida Neata

I.W. Mann Award: Amanda Wilhelm and Anurag Bhalla

The Dr. Martin J. Bass Clerkship Scholarship in Family Medicine: Matthew Piamonte

The Class of 1951 Frank R. Clegg Memorial Award: Skylar VanOsch (Department nomination)

Takeda Family Medicine Scholarship Award: Matthew Piamonte

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Graduate Studies 2012/13:

Martin J. Bass/PSI Memorial Award in Family Medicine: Dr. Julie Copeland, Dr. Saadia Hameed and Dr. Jamie Wickett

George’s Lachapelle Scholarship: Dr. Sharon Hatcher


Faculty 2012/13:

2013 PAIRO Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award: Dr. Eric Wong

Distinguished University Professor: Dr. Moira Stewart

Ian McWhinney Award for Excellence in Resident Teaching: Dr. JoAnne Hammond

Martin J. Bass Recognition Award: Dr. Bhooma Bhayana

OCFP Family Physician of the Year - Southwest Region: Dr. Kevin Mardell

College of Family Physicians of Canada Award of Excellence: Dr. David Keast

Schulich Excellence in Education Award: Dr. George Kim

CAME Certificate of Merit: Dr. Eric Wong

Associate Dean’s Award of Excellence - Windsor: Dr. Dale Ziter

Teaching Awards of Excellence: Dr. Punkuj Chawla and Dr. Tanya Thornton

Community Physician of the Year – Honourable Mention: Dr. Punkuj Chawla

Best Core FM Teacher Award – London: Dr. Jo-Anne Hammond

Best Core FM Teacher Award – Rural/Regional: Dr. Timothy Heerema

Best Core FM Teacher Award – Windsor: Dr. Dale Ziter

Best Non-Core FM Teacher Award – Rural/Regional: Dr. Henry Chapeskie

Best Non-Core FM Teacher Award – Windsor : Dr. Marguerite Chevalier

Best Non-Core FM Teacher Award - London : Dr. Lisa Fischer


Clerkship Teacher of the Year Award 2012/13:

FM Clerkship Full-time Faculty Teaching Award: Dr. Daniel Grushka

FM Clerkship Adjunct Faculty Teaching Award: Dr. Kellie Scott

FM Clerkship Resident Teaching Award: Dr. Caitlin Fitzpatrick


USC Teaching Honor Roll:


Dr. George Kim
Dr. Albert Schumacher


Dr. Jessica Howard
Dr. George Kim
Dr. Scott McKay
Dr. Jennifer Parr
Dr. Darren VanDam


Dr. Bhooma Bhayana
Dr. Jo-Anne Hammond
Dr. Jessica Howard
Dr. John Jordan
Dr. George Kim
Dr. Rachelle LaBranche
Dr. Laura Lyons
Dr. Scott McKay
Dr. William McKeough
Dr. Miranda Sheppard