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Pre-Clerkship Summer Electives (Year 1 & 2)

Students in classroom

Pre-clerkship summer electives are designed to introduce medical students to the practice of medicine in rural and regional communities in Southwestern Ontario.  These electives assist students in developing their clinical knowledge and practicing their skills in clinical settings outside the teaching centre.

Medical student applicants should be aware that, although there is funding provided for travel and accommodation, they must have access to their own transportation as the electives are in communities that are not reached through public transportation.

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Our Educational Goals are:

  1. To assist students in developing their clinical skills and knowledge outside of a tertiary teaching centre.
  2. To provide an enrichment experience for students with an interest in rural regional medicine at a time when they are considering future career paths.
  3. To provide undergraduate medical students with an opportunity to discover the joys and challenges of living and working in a rural and regional community.

 Travel and Accommodation Policy