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Fees & Deadlines


Applications for the Program beginning May 2019 will open February 2018.

Application Fee:

A non-refundable administrative fee of $275.00 CAD is required, payable only by certified cheque or money order, made out to Western University Schulich Dentistry.

PLA Registration Fee:

If selected for the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), a fee of $1600.00 (CAD) is payable to Western University Schulich Dentistry.  Visa, MasterCard, certified cheque or money order is accepted.

PLA Refunds:

PLA refunds of $800.00 will be given only if a cancellation is made more than two weeks before the PLA session.  For cancellations made within two weeks or less of your PLA date, no refund will be given.

Tuition Fees:

Current and Historic Fees Schedules can be found on the Office of the Registrar's website:  For ITD Year 1 summer tuition fees, select Summer 2016 Tuition; Undergraduate (pdf), and see page 3.  For Fall/Winter 2016-17 Tuition, select Undergraduate Canadian Full Time (pdf), and see page 2.