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Second Year Transfer Students

Admission Requirements

Admission via transfer into the second year at Schulich Dentistry can be considered only if a vacancy exists for that year (spaces sometimes become available due to attrition). Admission beyond the second year of the DDS program is not permitted.

Schulich Dentistry will consider applicants who meet the following requirements:

Application for admission to the second year of the DDS Program by transfer, for the Class of 2021 (entry September 2018):

  • Transfer Application is now closed.
  • This is the only site where application access is available.
  • The deadline for receipt of the application for Dentistry Class of 2021 was July 1, 2018.

The most competitive candidates:

Application Process

Application for admission into second year must be completed by July 1 for entry in September of the same year.  All applicants must submit the following to the Dentistry Admissions Office (Western University, Health Sciences Addition, Room H103, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C1):

In the event that there is a competition to fill a vacant seat in second year of the DDS program, the decision will likely be made in early August.  Should there be no competition, the application fee will be returned.