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Welcome to the Schulich Dentistry Admissions webpage.

Please review our admission policies and process carefully prior to submitting your application. If you have questions or require clarification, do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Team who will be pleased to assist you.

Please also note, admission policies are reviewed annually and admission requirements from previous years may not apply. We encourage you to visit our website regularly, as the University reserves the right to review and change admission policies and requirements at any time, without notice.

Admission to Schulich Dentistry is based on academic ability and personal qualities, as evidenced by:

  1. Scholastic Records
  2. Dental Aptitude Test Results
  3. Autobiographical Sketch & Personal Statement
  4. Interview

Because facilities for pre-clinical instruction are limited, it is necessary to restrict enrolment to applicants who are best qualified to meet the mental and physical demands of the curriculum and most likely to successfully complete the full course of study. Presentation of the minimum admission requirements will not assure acceptance.

Internationally-trained dentists are not eligible to apply or enter into the 4-year Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Program.  Please see the Internationally Trained Dentists webpage for information regarding admission into the ITD program.

The Class of 2023 will be selected during the 2018/2019 application cycle.


  • December 1, 2018 - Online Application submission deadline.When you submit your Online Application you will receive an email confirmation containing links to additional forms required by Schulich Dentistry:
    • December 14, 2018 - Prerequisite Declaration Form submission deadline
    • January 2, 2019 - Autobiographical Sketch & Personal Statement submission deadline
  • March 2019 - interview invitations and declines are sent (approximately one month prior to the interviews)
  • April 2019 - interviews for the current application cycle
  • May 2019 - offers are released

Admission Requirements

  • Students must be in the final year of, or have successfully completed, an undergraduate degree program leading to a four-year undergraduate degree at a recognized university as of the application deadline
  • Candidates must have achieved at least 80% or higher in two undergraduate level years by the end of the academic year prior to application
    The two undergraduate years used for GPA consideration must have a full course load of 5.0 full or equivalent courses (30 credit hours) taken between September and April, with at least 3.0 full course equivalents whose published level is at or above the year level of study.
  • Prerequisite course requirements include approved equivalents in Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Human/Mammalian Physiology
    Successful completion of prerequisite courses requires a minimum grade of B or 74.5% - see Admission Requirements for more information.
  • Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) scores written within two years prior to the application deadline
  • Demonstrated scholastic and non-scholastic achievements as evidenced by University transcripts and the Autobiographical Sketch & Personal Statement
  • Interview by a panel of three including a dentist, senior dental student, and community member

Please visit Admission Requirements for a more detailed explanation of the above requirements.

International Applicants

A limited number of positions are available for international students who maintain their international status at graduation. There are additional requirements for International Applicants, including proof of English Language Proficiency. Please see the International Applicants webage for further details.

Indigenous Applicants

Special consideration will be given to applicants who indicate on their application that they are from an Indigenous community. One position is set aside each year for competitive applicants with proven Indigenous status or ancestral Indigenous origin. For more information, please visit the Indigenous Applicants webpage.

Transfer Students

In some years there may be opportunities for students to transfer into Year 2 of the DDS Program (possible only if there is space, created by attrition). Applications are accepted from students currently enrolled at an approved dental school. Application deadline for transfer students is July 1 of each year. Please see the Second Year Transfer webpage for more information on admission requirements and the application process.

Dental Clinician Scientist Program

Students applying to an advanced degree program in a dentistry-related field may concurrently apply for a deferred admission to the DDS Program through the Dental Clinician Scientist track. For further information, please visit the DCS webpage.