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Dr. Amar Kuruganti, DDS’14

Dr. Amar Kuruganti, DDS’14

“Dental school was the hardest, most stressful, most enjoyable and life-changing experience of my life,” said Dr. Amar Kuruganti, DDS’14.

Dr. Kuruganti chose Schulich Dentistry based on its reputation for offering an exceptional student and academic experience.

During his four years, Dr. Kuruganti was active in student government, the dentistry curriculum committee and various outreach activities.

Like his fellow alumni, he found the most challenging aspect of dental school was achieving balance. “During four years, we were expected to learn and integrate a vast amount of knowledge, develop novel hand skills and manage multiple clinic responsibilities, while balancing extracurricular activities and a personal life,” said Dr. Kuruganti.

He’s very grateful to Drs. Amornsang, Bajura, Daley, Darling, Ferrier, Ibarra and Manzur for their genuine care and dedication toward providing quality clinical and didactic dental education.

His greatest memories remain with his classmates, and the many experiences they shared at conferences, during skit night, studying for exams or during their class trip. He thinks of his class as a second family. “While I expected to make close friends, I never imagined we’d all become so close.”

Dr. Rachelle Laviolette, DDS’14

Dr. Rachelle Laviolette, DDS’14

“Dentistry truly has the potential to touch people’s lives,” said Dr. Rachelle Laviolette, DDS’14. With this positive attitude, the young alumna became involved in extracurricular activities and community work from the moment she walked through the doors of Schulich Dentistry.

Laviolette contributed to the School and local communities through volunteerism and student leadership. A volunteer with Sharing Smiles Day and the Dental Outreach Community Services (DOCS) program, she embraced the value of social responsibility and giving back.

As vice president, finance for the University of Western Ontario Dental Student Society (UWODSS), she also helped organize student and faculty events.

With the dental profession in her sights, she knew Schulich Dentistry was the right fit. “I felt very welcomed from the moment I set foot on the Western campus for my interview,” she said. “I chose to attend Schulich Dentistry because of its academic merit, strong clinical program and sense of community.”

For Laviolette, the one-on-one clinical instruction she received from faculty members was invaluable. “This was really crucial to the development of my clinical skills,” she said. “Schulich Dentistry gave me the ability to foster meaningful relationships with my patients.”

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, DDS’15

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, DDS’15

Coming from a family of health professionals, Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, DDS’15, knew he was destined for a similar calling from a young age. He started his undergraduate education at Western University in 2008, entering the dental program after completing his third year in physiology.

“My dad is a family physician and he taught me the importance of patient relationships,” explained Goldberg. “Getting to know patients and building their trust is very rewarding.”

Personal connections were certainly an essential part of his journey at Schulich Dentistry. As chapter president of the Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity at Western for the 2014-15 year, he fostered camaraderie and collegiality among his peers at the School.

“Schulich Dentistry was a perfect fit and I enjoyed every minute,” he said. “Thank you to the faculty, staff and my classmates at Schulich Dentistry for getting me to where I am today.”