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Flashback to the era of good vibes and new beginnings

Schulich Dentistry in the 1970s

Welcome to Schulich Dentistry in the 1970s, a time of energy, optimism and innovation. Read about the people, achievements and special events that made our first decade memorable.

Schulich Dentistry is marking 50 extraordinary years throughout 2015. Join us at the Kickoff Celebration on Tuesday, March 10, as we launch our year-long activities. R.S.V.P. by March 3.

Highlights and Achievements

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Alumni Profiles

Dr. Peter Fendrich, DDS’75

Dr. Peter Fendrich, DDS'75It was 1972, and Dr. Peter Fendrich, DDS’75, and his classmates found themselves glued to a television at Saugeen-Maitland residence for the Canada–Russia hockey series. They were not alone – the rest of Canada joined them in spirit and collectively cheered as Paul Henderson scored the series-winning goal.

For Dr. Fendrich the hockey game was a break from the intense learning required in dentistry, where the sheer volume of material was formidable and the achievement of precision and detail a challenge.

His class was fortunate to be taught by amazing faculty. Individuals such as Dr. John Gwinett, considered a pioneer in the area of bonding, and dynamic personalities such as Drs. Stan Kogon, Hy Goldberg, Wilf Feasby, Gerry Wright, Paul Sills and Ron Jordon. “The thing that made them special was how they imparted knowledge,” said Dr. Fendrich.

Despite the long days of studying, the 47 members of the Class of ‘75 will be remembered for their creative celebrations during Homecoming and Winter Weekend.

As a faculty member since 1977, Dr. Fendrich advises today’s students and new dentists to maintain their knowledge base through continuing education and remember that “connecting” with patients is paramount to making the practice of dentistry a fun experience.

Dr. Arthur Worth, DDS’78

Dr. Arthur Worth, DDS'78During a wintery exam season in 1978, Dr. Arthur Worth, DDS’78, and his dentistry classmates discovered just how dedicated to the profession they were. A severe snowstorm had shut down the university campus and not a soul dared to brave the weather, save for Dr. Worth and his classmates who were writing one of their final exams.

It’s one of the many experiences Dr. Worth now fondly remembers. His class was very engaged in athletics and social activities, including the annual Homecoming parade.

“We worked hard and we played hard,” he said with a laugh. “The camaraderie and closeness of going through a professional school together was a great opportunity and really forged strong relationships.”

The Class of ’78 was also a progressive leader in gender diversity. Ten women, making up 20 per cent of the class, graduated that year.

Influential faculty members were another highlight. Dr. Wesley Dunn and late Dr. Ralph Brooke provided outstanding leadership for students. “They were two wonderful examples of professionalism and mentorship,” explained Dr. Worth.

Dr. Worth has continued to build on his education in the decades since graduating from the School. He has participated in many local, provincial and national dental organizations, culminating in his role as Ontario Dental Association (ODA) President in 2012-13.

With his daughter now attending Schulich Dentistry and a new adjunct teaching position, Dr. Worth continues to stay connected. And he still looks back on his four years with great affection.

“I’m so proud to have graduated from this School, it was an absolute privilege to attend,” he said. “I came as an older boy and left as a young man.”