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How the Program Works

Examinations and x-rays are provided through a mobile portable dental clinic that is brought to each agency during a weeknight.  This aspect of outreach removes several barriers to treatment that individuals may find challenging.

Treatment is provided at the dental clinic at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry during weeknight evenings and Saturday mornings.  Although parking is provided fee of charge, individuals must find their own transportation to the sessions.

Fanshawe hygiene is part of the DOCS program, with the hygienist providing examinations and cleanings for patients.

Although the program is a mandatory component for the students 4th year dental curriculum, the success of the DOCS program relies on the selfless efforts of the countless volunteers.  DOCS is truly a collaborative effort.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Pedro Alba

Last year, we were able to complete nearly 300 appointments and delivered almost $40,000 in treatment to patients in need.  "With the disparities that exist in oral health care, DOCS is able to provide an option for those that have no other," explains Dr. Kalman.  "This is a great opportunity for the people of London to receive the dental care they need, as well as provide a true learning experience for our students outside the walls of Schulich Dentistry," said Dr. Harinder Sandhu, Director, Schulich Dentistry.