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The Screening Appointment

Patient Selection and Screening Appointment Results
Your first visit will be a Screening appointment.  This short examination allows us to determine your dental needs and your suitability as a patient for the clinic.  In some cases the type of treatment needed by the patient is too complex for our students.  If you are suitable and wish to become a patient we will assign you to a student who will contact you to set up an appointment for a detailed examination.  The length of time between screening and beginning of treatment varies based on the needs of the students, your requirements, and the time of the academic year.

Submitting a Screening Card
If you wish to become a patient please complete a Screening Registration Card.  Be sure to fill in all the sections. After we receive your information a staff member will contact you to arrange a screening appointment.  Wait time may be up to 12 months depending on needs of students and number of applications.

Screening Registration Card
If you are unable to complete the above on-line Screening Registration Card, you may obtain one by contacting the Dental Clinic at 519.661.3326 or by email at