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Summer Student Research Program

Friday, January 24, 2014

Summer Student Research Program
Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded a 2014 summer studentship through Dentistry's Summer Student Research Program.

Student, Graduating Year, Supervisor
Jennifer Archibald, DDS 2017
- Dr. G. Hunter
Christopher Chan, DDS 2016 - Dr. A. Rizkalla
Mohammad Garshasb, DDS 2016 - Dr. J. Santos
Joel Keshwah, DDS 2015 - Dr. D. Hamilton
Vida Lam, DDS 2017 - Dr. H. Goldberg
Carol Lui, DDS 2016 - Dr. L. Kalman
Greg Luvison, DDS 2017 - Dr. A. Rizkalla
Bilal Paracha, DDS 2016 - Dr. L. Kalman
Michael Tiedemann, DDS 2017 - Dr. D. Hamilton
Kimberly Williams, DDS 2017 - Dr. A. Leask