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Talent Management Conference


What is Talent Management?

Talent Management is the process of defining future leadership requirements in terms of critical roles and competencies for the future success of the business. Talent Management is also:

   - identifying, attracting, developing and retaining a pool of talent that meets these requirements;
   - assessing, developing and retaining the organization's current talent;
   - recruiting additional talent to meet the leadership needs of the organization;
   - ensuring a steady flow of qualified leaders.

What is the Talent Management Conference?

The Talent Management Conference is an annual gathering of health care professionals who are engaged in the development of:

   - competencies in oneself and in others,
   - self-awareness and emotional intelligence,
   - communication and engagement skills,
   - collaborative relationships, coalitions and strategic partnerships,
   - the abilities to innovate and inspire,
   - transformation and leadership skills.

Recent conference themes include:

   2012: Effective Leaders in a Changing Health Care Environment
   2014: Building the Leadership Culture: Next Steps
   2015: Strategies to Become Effective Leaders
   2016: Building Collaborative Relationships, Coalitions and Strategic Partnerships
   2017: Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence
   2018: Inspire, Innovate, Integrate, Implement

Target Audience

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry faculty members, residents, fellows, directors and managers of administration and finance. London Health Sciences Centre and St Joseph’s Health Care London physicians, dentists, midwives and affiliated healthcare providers.

Helpful Links

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