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Top five media stories from 2016

Gregor RiedThe breast has its own microbiome -- and the mix of bacteria could cause or prevent cancer

Scientific American covered ground-breaking research by Dr. Gregor Ried and explored if certain bacteria do instigate cancer how the finding could lead to new screening methods or treatments.

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Steven LavioletteMarijuana could produce schizophrenia-like conditions in teenage brains, but not in adults: study

Dr. Steven Laviolette spoke to the National Post about his research showing the psychoactive component of marijuana caused long-term harm on the adolescent brains of rats, producing changes similar to what is found in schizophrenia.

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Poulter and NarlaAnother step forward towards the understanding of epilepsy

Dr. Michael Poulter's study on how stress impacts epilepsy made headlines on CBC Radio International 

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eric Lindros and Arthur BrownEric Lindros is entering the Hall of Fame. His legacy isn't just hockey.

The New York Times highlighted Eric Lindros' important advocacy work on concussions and his support of See the Line and concussion research at Western, quoting both Arthur Brown and Dr. Michael Strong.

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Yong KangNew genetically-modified HIV Vaccine enters next phase of trials

The international science and tech website, VICE, covered news that Dr. Chil-Yong Kang's HIV Vaccine completed Phase I testing and will likely move to Phase II in the fall of 2017.

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