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The best of 2016: Articles from Discover

Making connections

Life experience has taught Sara Matovic, BSc’15, MSc Candidate, the importance of personal connections. As a student athlete, campus leader and Robarts trainee, she is using these connections to excel in sport and research.

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Searching for the soul of science

Research associates Danae Campos-Melo, PhD, and Cristian Droppelmann, PhD, organized the Philosophy of Science Café to share their passion for philosophy with the wider Robarts community. In partnership with the Department of Philosophy and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy at Western, this event series aims to bring together philosophers, scientists and graduate trainees to discuss broad philosophical themes related to their work

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Advancing the Alzheimer's cause

The Prado lab is working hard to understand the biology behind Alzheimer's disease. A recent publication in the Journal of Neuroscience shows a promising new potential therapeutic target that could decrease cognitive dysfunction in the disease.

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Continuing to lead in cutting-edge research

The Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping (CFMM) at Robarts is celebrating its 20th anniversary this spring. Currently housing North America's only large-bore 9 tesla scanner, Canada's only 7 tesla and Canada's first prisma 3 tesla, CFMM continues to be on the leading-edge of global imaging research.

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Genetic discovery

Jacqueline Dron, MSc candidate, enjoys the challenge of studying complex genetic interactions as a member of the Hegele lab and sharing her passion for genetic research with kids in the community.

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