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The best of 2016: Articles from Current Affairs

Scanning the world for a passion project

Esther Warnert, PhD, isn’t attracted by popular universities or famous laboratories — her aspiration has always been to find interesting projects. This pursuit brought her across the world to conduct research on frontotemporal dementia.

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An unexpected path to regeneration

A background in veterinary sciences has been an asset for Niamh Richmond, MSc Candidate, who researches infantile hemangioma — a stem cell-derived tumor that occurs in approximately 10 per cent of all newborn births in North America.

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Varsity rower makes waves in and out of the water

For some, balancing a rigorous athletic schedule while completing a PhD would seem intimidating, if not impossible. But it’s the only way Adam Rabalski knows how to keep a balance between his greatest passions: rowing and research.

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How to eat healthy on a student budget

No money? No problem. Alex Moszczynski and Ben Withers from the Graduate Students Council provide tips and easy recipes to help get you started.

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Dissecting e-learning tools

Having the opportunity to dissect during her undergraduate training inspired award-winning PhD Candidate Sonya Van Nuland to analyze the more modern ways of teaching clinical anatomy.

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