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From the desk of George Kim: Collaborative & Educational Technology Committee gets things started

Dr. Richard Cherry, associate dean, Continuing Professional Development, and Sergio Rodriguez, director, Information Services, are chairing a new committee as part of the strategic planning work for Distributed Education. They will examine the collaborative and education technologies that support education associated with distributed education.

During the summer, the co-chairs, who have strong expertise in education and technology, laid the groundwork for their committee and outlined the tactics that will be undertaken. During the coming months, along with their committee, they will be:

In developing the strategic plan, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry education leadership shared the importance of technology by outlining that optimal use of technology is the backbone for success in distributed models of education, and no program can survive without robust support.

The work of this committee will be critical in assessing the strength of our current systems and providing recommendations for future approaches and infrastructure.

Committee membership includes:

A resident, still to be determined, will also serve as a member.