Tips and tricks for GroupWise and Cascade

GroupWise: How do I create a rule to move messages from my Mailbox to a specified folder in my Cabinet?

Sometimes the need may arise to organize messages received for a noted event or for a specific project into a dedicated folder in your cabinet. In order to complete this you would make the following change from GroupWise:

Within your GroupWise client select 'Tools' from the menu and then 'Rules'.

In the 'Rules' window select the 'New' button and provide your rule a name, for example 'Move to folder name'.

In the 'When event is' section leave as 'New Item' and then select the 'Received' checkbox.

Under 'If conditions are' select the 'Mail' checkbox and then select the 'Define Conditions...' button. This is where you will define how you filter, whether by 'From', 'Subject' etc., and then specifying your condition ie: if by 'Subject' you would place the subject text or if by 'From' you would include the recipient address, and then select 'OK'.

Under 'Then actions are', select 'Add Action' and then select 'Move to Folder'.

Select the desired folder that you wish to move the messages into and then select 'Move' on the right.

Once this is specified, select ‘Save’ and your new rule is in place.

Cascade: Publishing pages

Pages need to be published in Cascade before they appear on your live site. To publish a page or folder, select the item and click on the ‘publish’ tab. In the new window that pops up ensure that all servers are checked under the ‘Destination’ tab and then hit the ‘submit’ button to confirm the publish.

Seeing the Progress
Publishing time will vary depending on the size of the page or folder you are publishing. To view the progress click on the Cascade Server icon (top left corner of your screen) and choose publisher > active jobs; this window will show you a live progress of your publishing job and when it is complete.

Un-publishing Content
Once a page is published on the website, deleting it in Cascade will not automatically remove it from the web – allowing viewers the ability to be able to access the page from searches or previously made bookmarks. In order to remove this content permanently from the web, content will need to be un-published. Un-publishing content follows a similar procedure as publishing content. To un-publish an item select the page or folder that you would like to un-publish and click the ‘publish’ tab. In the window that pops up ensure that all servers are checked under ‘Destination’ and then set the publish mode to ‘un-publish’. Once these are checked hit the ‘submit’ button.

Publishing Times
Publishing a page or folder can be done at any time. However, if a change requires you to publish your entire site (i.e. substantial changes or sub navigational changes) publishing will need to be done before or after business hours (before 8 a.m. or after 4 p.m. Monday – Friday) or during the weekends. Following these procedures will help ensure that other Cascade users do not experience a slower response time across campus.

For detailed instructions of the publishing process, including screenshots and step by step instructions please see the Cascade User Manual.