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Schulich Medicine & Dentistry shares holiday memories

Holiday Memories

You sent us your favourite holiday photos of family, friends and fun from the past and present, and we compiled a scrapbook of our Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Holiday Memories.

Andrea Richter

Submitted by: Andrea Richter

Santa Strong delivers candygrams
Submitted by: Maly Bun-Lebert

Brian Blatnicki
Submitted by: Brian Blatnicki

Natalie Wakabayashi
Submitted by: Natalie Wakabayashi

Michael J. Strong
Submitted by: Maly Bun-Lebert

Submitted by: Natalie Brown

Jesica Hurst
Submitted by: Jesica Hurst

Luke McGaw
Submitted by: Jessica McGaw

Medical Writers
Submitted by: Michael Brock

Nicole Dorssers
Submitted by: Nicole Dorssers

Susanne Deakin
Submitted by: Susanne Deakin

Jennifer Parraga and her daughter Sam
Submitted by: Jennifer Parraga

Fiona Moniz's daughter
Submitted by: Fiona Moniz