We Act Reports Back

The We Act Committee met in late October to plan the next stage of its work across Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

First on the list was the development of a meeting schedule to enable the Faculty and Staff Reports Back to be shared with a variety of groups. Anne Becker and Janet Frood will share their reports with ECSC, and Janet Frood will share the staff reports with the basic science and clinical Managers of Administration in Finance. A separate meeting is being planned for Managers who may not regularly attend these meetings.

Once the reports have been shared details will be provided to all faculty and staff across the School. Departments will be encouraged to share this information at their own group meetings. Additionally, the information will be made available through The Pulse and other communication vehicles.

The Committee also discussed the many Western led initiatives underway to support the whole of the University as part of the We Act project. Some areas of foci are: Wellness, continued programs focused on the development of leadership skills through Western programs, change management and recognition supports; improve career advancement and hiring practices, and the continuance of key strategies to engage the employee community.