February publications of the month

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Is the Madrid Sonographic Enthesitis Index useful for differentiating psoriatic arthritis from psoriasis alone and healthy controls?
Eder L, Jayakar J, Thavaneswaran A, Haddad A, Chandran V, Salonen D, Rosen CF, Gladman DD.
Social and proximate determinants of the frequency of condom use among african, caribbean, and other black people in a Canadian city: Results from the BLACCH Study.
Baidoobonso S, Bauer GR, Speechley KN, Lawson E.
The effect of hypoglycemia on health-related quality of life: Canadian results from a multinational time trade-off survey.
Harris S, Mamdani M, Galbo-Jørgensen CB, Bøgelund M, Gundgaard J, Groleau D.
Verotoxigenic Escherichia coli: Costs of illness in Canada, including long-term health outcomes.
Sockett P, Goebel SE, Varela NP, Guthrie A, Wilson J, GuilbaultLA, Clark WF.
Switch from canonical to noncanonical Wnt signaling mediates high glucose-induced adipogenesis.
Keats EC, Dominguez JM 2nd, Grant MB, Khan ZA.
Effect of an educational toolkit on quality of care: a pragmatic cluster randomized trial.
Shah BR, Bhattacharyya O, Yu CH, Mamdani MM, Parsons JA, Straus SE, Zwarenstein M.
FRAX predicts fracture risk in kidney transplant recipients.
Naylor KL, Leslie WD, Hodsman AB, Rush DN, Garg AX.
The influence of centre-based childcare on preschoolers' physical activity levels: a cross-sectional study.
Vanderloo LM, Tucker P, Johnson AM, van Zandvoort MM, Burke SM, Irwin JD.
Quantitative tissue pH measurement during cerebral ischemia using amine and amide concentration-independent detection (AACID) with MRI.
McVicar N, Li AX, Gonçalves DF, Bellyou M, Meakin SO, Prado MA,Bartha R.
Fistula eligibility: A work in progress.
Al-Jaishi AA, Moist LM.
miR-218 regulates focal adhesion kinase-dependent TGFβ signaling in fibroblasts.
Guo F, Carter DE, Leask A.
Is the primary visual cortex a center stage for the visual phenomenology of object size?
Chouinard PA, Ivanowich M.
Are there differences between young- and older-onset early inflammatory arthritis and do these impact outcomes? An analysis from the CATCH cohort.
Arnold MB, Bykerk VP, Boire G, Haraoui BP, Hitchon C, Thorne C, Keystone EC, Pope JE.
Laboring to mother in the context of past trauma: The transition to motherhood.
Berman H, Mason R, Hall J, Rodger S, Classen CC, Evans MK, Ross LE, Mulcahy GA, Carranza L, Al-Zoubi F.
The statistical significance of randomized controlled trial results is frequently fragile: a case for a Fragility Index.
Walsh M, Srinathan SK, McAuley DF, Mrkobrada M, Levine O, Ribic C, Molnar AO, Dattani ND, Burke A, Guyatt G, Thabane L, Walter SD, Pogue J, Devereaux PJ.
LipidSeq: a next-generation clinical resequencing panel for monogenic dyslipidemias.
Johansen CT, Dube JB, Loyzer MN, Macdonald A, Carter DE, McIntyre AD, Cao H, Wang J, Robinson JF, Hegele RA.
Nondestructive microimaging during preclinical pin-on-plate testing of novel materials for arthroplasty.
Teeter MG, Langohr GD, Medley JB, Holdsworth DW.
Targeted siRNA silencing of indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase in antigen-presenting cells using mannose-conjugated liposomes: A novel strategy for treatment of melanoma.
Chen D, Koropatnick J, Jiang N, Zheng X, Zhang X, Wang H, Yuan K, Siu KS, Shunnar A, Way C, Min WP.
Opinion paper: To publish or not, manuscripts using natural products.
Jones DL.
Development of biocompatible and proton-resistant quantum dots assembled on gelatin nanospheres.
Chen L, Siemiarczuk A, Hai H, Chen Y, Huang G, Zhang J.
Pulmonary microvascular albumin leak is associated with endothelial cell death in murine sepsis-induced lung injury in vivo.
Gill SE, Taneja R, Rohan M, Wang L, Mehta S.
Growth promotion of the opportunistic human pathogen, Staphylococcus lugdunensis, by heme, hemoglobin, and coculture with Staphylococcus aureus.
Brozyna JR, Sheldon JR, Heinrichs DE.
The validity and reliability of the neurogenic bladder symptom score (NBSS).
Welk B, Morrow S, Madarasz W, Baverstock R, Macnab J, Sequeira K.
Automated algorithm to measure changes in medial temporal lobe volume in alzheimer disease.
Kazemifar S, Drozd JJ, Rajakumar N, Borrie MJ, Bartha R.
Development and validation of a distal radius finite element model to simulate impact loading indicative of a forward fall.
Burkhart TA, Quenneville CE, Dunning CE, Andrews DM.
Has rising pediatric obesity increased the incidence of idiopathic intracranial hypertension in children?
Bursztyn LL, Sharan S, Walsh L, Laroche GR, Robitaille J, DeBecker I.
Dissatisfaction with cutaneous body image is directly correlated with insomnia severity: A prospective study in a non-clinical sample.
Gupta MA, Gupta AK, Knapp K.
Bioinformatics identification of coevolving residues.
Dickson RJ, Gloor GB.
Rapid screening of endonuclease target site preference using a modified bacterial two-plasmid selection.
Wolfs JM, Kleinstiver BP, Edgell DR.
Development of force-based metrics for skills assessment in minimally invasive surgery.
Trejos AL, Patel RV, Malthaner RA, Schlachta CM.
Combined transurethral and laparoscopic partial cystectomy and robotically assisted bladder repair for the treatment of bladder endocervicosis: case report and review of the literature.
Rajakumar C, Vilos GA, Vilos AG, Marks JL, Ettler HC, Pautler SS.