Action is underway in the next phase of the University’s We Speak program

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry is embarking on the next phase of Western University’s We Speak program. In July, the We Speak findings related to Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, and the University were shared through the Dean’s Video Newsletter and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

A Schulich We Act team has been created at the School to develop plans and take action to enrich the environment of our departments and support the development of action plans in each of the departments across our School.  

The team is comprised of Bertha Garcia, Doug Jones, Dwayne Martins, Margaret Steele and Elana Whelan in consultation with Western’s Learning, Development and Human Resources led by Andrew Fuller. The team has developed a program to move the We Speak survey results forward during the next short while in the We Act component.

The team has been meeting regularly throughout the fall months. They have already taken some major steps, including the hiring of two external facilitators and an initial workshop with the Executive Council of Schulich Council. Using focus groups, presentations and small meetings, the facilitators will be working directly with department members to gather input to help them develop individual plans for departments and in support of larger complementary plans for the School.

Once action plans and timelines are developed, Departmental Chairs will share them with the Schulich We Act team for feedback to assist departments in implementing their plans.

The individual action plans will be regularly reviewed by Departmental Chairs, the Schulich We Act team, the Senior Leadership Council and the Dean throughout the year.

Updates on the activities related to the We Act phase will be shared at a variety of leadership and departmental meetings. Information will also be shared through The Pulse and the School’s website, and will be made available to departments to share internally.

The Schulich We Act team looks forward to the full participation of all the members of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry in moving the School forward and further improving our work environment.

The We Speak survey results, as well as the Dean’s Video Newsletter are available on the School’s website. You can review it here.