Cascade Editing Tips & Tricks

Cascade offers various options for users to add, edit and design page layouts through a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and provides users with many different options for styling pages in an appealing manner.

Below are a couple quick tips for users when editing pages in Cascade:

Recommended Browsers
The recommended browsers to use when editing in Cascade include: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.
Note: not all features are supported in Internet Explorer.

Copy and Paste into Notepad
Before adding any content into the editor in Cascade, it is important to copy and paste it into Notepad. This will clean out any unwanted code, making your content easier to format and apply styles.

Image Sizes
Using similar sized imagery is recommended throughout the site to enable visual consistency and also helps ensure that your images fit properly in the allotted space. Below is a guideline of commonly used images throughout the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry websites:

  • Slideshow: 700px x 300px
  • Banners: 200/300px x 700px
  • Sidebar: 210px x 110px
  • 2 Column: 330px x 180px
  • 3 Column: 223 x 150px
  • Staff Listing: 115px x 150px
  • Biography page thumbnail: 160px x 200px
  • News thumbnail: 140px x 140px

When adding a hyperlink to your page, remember to choose the appropriate target window (this controls whether the link will open in the same or new window). If the link is:

  • Internal (a page within your site): select same window
  • External (a page not on your site): select new window
  • PDF Document (within/not on your site): select new window

Following this guideline provides better usability on your site, as users will always have your original site open to refer back to if they are navigated away.

Image Classes
After an image is added in Cascade, it is important to add the appropriate image class for visual consistency. The class applies a subtle drop shadow to the bottom right of your image and provides the appropriate spacing between your image and text. There are four different types of classes that can be used to help your image align accordingly. To add the image style, place your image into the editor and with the image selected choose one of the following image classes from the styles dropdown:

  • image: content will appear under the image
  • image-center: content will appear under the image with the image centered
  • image-left : image will appear to the left of the content
  • image-right : image will appear to the right of the content

Styling Lists
Once a bulleted or numbered list is created in Cascade, the appropriate class needs to be added to style the list. To add the style, highlight the list and choose one of the following options from the styles drop down menu:

  • squarelist
  • arrow-list
  1. numberedlist

For step-by-step instructions on the various features available in Cascade, please download a copy of the Cascade User Manual. If you have any questions about editing pages or on any of the features offered in Cascade, please feel free to contact Cascade Support.