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CNS Innovations

1958 Dr. Charles Drake develops a surgical procedure for basilar aneurysms
1974 Dr. John Girvin performs the first epilepsy surgery at the London Health Sciences Centre
1975 Dr. Vladimir Hachinski develops the Hachinski Ischaemic Score for use in differentiating dementia types
1976 Dr. Henry Barnett confirms that Asprin prevents stroke
1977 Dr. Warren Blume and Dr. John Girvin co-found Canada's second specialized epilepsy unit which has grown to be the largest epilepsy unit in Canada
1983 Canada's second stroke unit was opened at University Hospital
1985 Dr. Henry Barnett confirms the failure of extracranial–intracranial arterial bypass to reduce the risk of ischemic stroke
1986 Dr. Robert Cote and Dr. Vladimir Hachinski develop the Canadian Neurological Scale
1986 Dr. Vladimir Hachinski and Dr. John W. Norris discovers that steroids were not an effective treatment for stroke patients
1990 Dr. David Cairncross and Dr. David MacDonald show that drug therapy (rather than chemotherapy or surgery) is also effective in the treatment of certain brain tumours
1991 Dr. Henry Barnett discovers the beneficial effect of cartoid entarterectomy in patients with high-grade cartoid stenosis
1991 Canada's first coil treatment for aneurysms performed by CNS neurosurgeons
1997 Dr. Warren Blume and Dr. John Girvin prove efficacy of temporal lobectomy in reducing the frequency of temporal lobe seizures
2000 Dr. Vladimir Hachinski and Dr. Raymond Cheung discover that cerebrogenic sudden death is caused by the insula
2001 Dr. Samuel Wiebe, Dr. John Girvin and De. Warren Blume discover that surgery is a more effective treatment for epilepsy than drug therapy
Dr. Neil Duggal is the first to successfully perform an artificial disc replacement in Canada