Modules offered by the Basic Medical Science Departments

The Honors Specialization and Specialization modules, as well as the Double Major combinations, leading to graduation with BMSc degrees are collectively referred to as the BMSc Program.  The Admission Requirements for each module and the courses required to complete each module, are located in the Academic Calendar (scroll down to the various departments and click to find the listing of modules offered).

The following chart summarizes all the modules offered by the basic medical science departments. Admission to some of these modules (shaded in pink) is not limited and students interested in these areas would receive a BSc degree. All other Honors Specialization (HSP) and Specialization (SPZ) modules (shaded in purple) are completed within the BMSc Program and are subject to admission criteria and requirements. The combination of two Major modules in the basic medical sciences is defined as a BMSc degree and is therefore subject to admission criteria and requirements. Majors taken alone or combined with Majors from other faculties may lead to other degrees such as a BA, BSc, or BHSc. The Minor module may be combined with any module in any type of degree.


Basic Medical Science Discipline






    X X

Biochemistry and Cell Biology





Biochemistry and Chemistry





Biochemistry of Infection and Immunity





Chemical Biology


Clinical Biochemistry


Computational Biochemistry

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Genetics and Biochemistry


Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (IMS)


Medical Biophysics (Clinical Physics concentration)

    X X

Medical Biophysics (Medical Sciences concentration)

    X X

Medical Biophysics (Physical Sciences concentration)


Medical Cell Biology

    X X
Medical Health Informatics

Medical Sciences

    X X

Microbiology and Immunology

    X X



Pathology and Toxicology



    X X




Physiology and Pharmacology



Physiology and Psychology






Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMSc)



Bachelor of Science (BSc)