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Basic Medical Sciences Undergraduate Education (BMSUE) oversees the administrative functions and academic policy and procedures for courses and modules offered in the BMSc Program.  The BMSUE Office provides information about the BMSc Program and is not to be confused with the Academic Counselling Office in WSC 140 for Science and Basic Medical Science students. The Academic Counselling Office provides assistance with questions about academic performance, eligibility for programs, etc.

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Updates to this website are ongoing as the goal is to provide current and future students with comprehensive information about the BMSc Program and its modules in a clear and logical fashion.  If you cannot find an answer on this site please send an email to

The BMSUE mailing address and phone number are found under Contact Us.


Academic items, news updates and other information for BMSc students are posted to thisweek@bmsc

Looking for an upcoming event?  Check under Events for details about activites, functions and academic deadlines.