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Student Testimonials


Meet Simran, Sarah, Edward, David and Olivia and learn more about their experiences in the medical biophysics program.


"In high school, my two favourite subjects were biology and physics. I knew that I wanted to combine these two interests in university, which is exactly why the medical biophysics program is the right fit for me."
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"Entering the Medical Biophysics program gave me the opportunity to combine my interest in the medical field with a practical science component, all while learning alongside like-minded peers." 
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"In my own experience, I have been able to apply concepts learned from our different classes, such as signal analysis and mathematical modelling, to different unrelated fields. I feel that this ability to approach challenging problems from a quantitative perspective is very valuable."
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"While we are such a small program, we are never lacking for friends or feeling alone. We look out for each other and help each other out in our courses, and have really become a community that cares for one another."
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"Although I did not previously consider doing research, I became interested in molecular biology through the third- and fourth-year research project. Medical biophysics offers one of the most flexible and well-rounded degrees available, and I feel prepared for any future endeavour."
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