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Director’s Message

arif al-areibiDr. Arif Al-Areibi
Program Director

The success continues for Western’s Anesthesia Residency program with another outstanding year. 2015 has been a great success with many noteworthy achievements.

Our department, with its accomplished, highly-qualified faculty and superior leadership support, continues to successfully drive one of the largest training programs in Canada.


With clear goals of aspiring for excellence and providing the highest quality training structure and environment, we continue to design optimal opportunities for our trainees to earn their place amongst the most qualified clinicians and educators in the profession. The last year saw the implementation of six new subcommittees that will work very closely with the Core Post Graduate Committee to accentuate the importance of learner-centred curriculum and diversity in the workplace. This includes the Quality Improvement Subcommittee, one of the first QI subcommittees for residency education in Canada. These new subcommittees will open doors for more creative and thoughtful educational ideas, with more leadership roles for our trainees and teachers.

These subcommittees are:

The resident members of the Core Post Graduate Committee and Subcommittees continue to play an important role in all aspects of our training program and their contributions are an important factor in creating our collegial educational environment.

The new additions and developments to our leadership program will also create the required structure to accommodate the anticipated implementation of CBD (Competency By Design) by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.


With a talented team of 46 program residents, we provide the highest level of medical training nurtured by an interdependent learning environment, and welcome numerous trainees from other services including the Physician Assistants from the Canadian Forces.

As a result of the dedicated efforts of our consultants and residents, in May 2015 we introduced one of the first Canadian Perioperative Ultrasound rotations. This is now one of the most highly rated rotations in our program. 

We continue to develop our administrative structure and evaluate its efficiency. In 2015, we started working on a state of the art electronic database that will allow our program leaders to improve communication with trainees and teachers and will also have a positive impact on our evaluation process.

We continue our leadership at Western in simulation and training in Crisis Resources by highly skilled educators who maintain an unparalleled level of excellence and who are also involved nationally in developing the Canadian Simulation program.

Along with the new, state of the art, simulator, we have the structure that will allow us to maintain a meaningful presence in this field.

Our department offers a wide variety of subspecialty training opportunities in anesthesia, with a large case volume which allows us to be among the top Canadian training programs in resident clinical exposure.

In addition, our residents regularly participate in national and international electives, including medical missions, with ongoing support from faculty and departmental leadership.


Our trainees continue to pursue and work on high quality research projects which they have presented at both the national and international level. We are committed to supporting and encouraging resident research and provide administrative and financial support to all residents who are participating in research projects, including in-training Masters degrees.


Congratulations to our residents, Dr. Farah Manji, Dr. Caitlin Gallagher, and Dr. Jordan Leitch (second place finish) for their outstanding presentations at this years’ Mac-Western Research Day.

This competition continues to be an enriching and rewarding opportunity for our residents to examine different research methods and presentation methods (oral presentation, poster, case reports) and gain a broader scope of research in Anesthesia.


At this year’s Annual Meeting of the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society (CAS) in Ottawa, Ontario, from June 19–22, our department was represented by six program residents led by Dr. Jordan Leitch (PGY1), and Dr. Farah Manji (PGY4) who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Dr. Leitch’s project “FMRI of peripheral neuropathic pain in the human spinal cord and brainstem”. had already garnered a great deal of attention, placing second at the Mac-Western Resident Research Day competition on Friday June 12th.

MARC 2015

This has been a remarkable year for academic achievement on the part of our department residents.

Drs. Hesham Youssef, Don Nguyen, Amanda Jasudavisius, Colin Phillips, and Jennifer Smallwood all presented outstanding research at MARC. Dr. Jordan Leitch began a stellar competition year as she took home first place in the Pain section.

In 2017, we will have the honour of hosting this competition and look for an even more notable presence by our current cohort of trainees.

Finally, a special thank you to our program leaders for their dedication and great contribution to the successful year:

And another special thank you to our team of residents for their positive contribution to our training program as leaders and excellent learners.