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Getting Started: Clerkship

The Anesthesia Clerkship is a 2 week rotation. Students may be assigned to one or two of three teaching hospitals in London; LHSC University Hospital, LHSC Victoria Hospital and St. Joseph’s Health Care.

You will spend one day (usually the first Monday or Tuesday of your rotation) in Anesthesia Bootcamp at the CSTAR Facility in the Legacy Research Pavilion at London Health Sciences Centre. This experience will enhance your two week anesthesia rotation with an intensive and directed introduction to anesthesia in the operating room environment by providing high quality, highly realistic simulation scenarios and facilitated debriefing sessions.

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You will also spend one day in the Cataract Suite at St. Joseph’s Health Care for the purpose of comprehensive IV training. The remaining 8 days, you will be assigned to the operating room, preadmission clinic, obstetrical, endoscopy, or lithotripsy suites.

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Students will be given 10 daily evaluation forms and a “Topics for Discussion” form to assist faculty members to discuss topics relevant to the third year anesthesia curriculum. 

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A textbook, Ottawa Anesthesia Primer, edited by Patrick Sullivan MD, will be loaned to each student by the site office at each hospital. Your rotation will not be considered complete until this book is returned. Students are also directed to another excellent text written by Dr. Karen Raymer of McMaster University. This eBook “Understanding Anesthesia: A Learner’s Guide” is available at Alternatively, a free PDF copy can be downloaded here

Students on the surgery block are expected to attend Anesthesia seminars scheduled among seminars in other subjects related to surgery during the 12-week block. It is recognized that the clinical rotation in Anesthesia may occur before these seminars take place.