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Media & IT Update from Brie

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hi everyone! 

This department is a pretty dynamic place, and as such there are many changes and updates on the horizon for the Department’s media, marketing and IT.

I am trying to ensure that these changes are seen as improvements to our current systems, and that the transition into these upgrades is as convenient as possible for faculty and staff.


Website Changing to Western design, launching Jan 2015

Working in correspondence with Western branding and Schulich IT, both myself and Library Assistant, Jiyon Ryu, are currently in the process of transferring our current website to the new Western template. The new site is set to launch in January of 2015. The initial changes will not drastically affect content or structure, but will definitely impact the “look” of the site.

I just toured through the new version and I am very excited about the new design, layout, and editing features enabled by this operating system.

Again, the major changes that you will notice will be to visuals and layout as oppose to site structure and content.

In addition, there is no need to worry if you have our current website bookmarked anywhere – the new version will have an automatic redirect.

Annual Report – transition from an academic year to a calendar year

Since its outset, the Department’s Annual Report has been reporting on an academic year. However, in recent years this has posed problems for incorporating data sets from LHSC and Schulich that are exported on the calendar year. As such, 2013-2014 will mark the time during which the Department’s Annual Report will switch over from the academic year to a calendar year.

To ensure that no data was missed from the 2014 Academic year, this upcoming annual report will cover an 18 month period, from July 1 2013 – Dec 2014. Please note that Program Directors will not have to submit two reports to address this timeframe.

The 2015 Annual report will be the first calendar report, and will cover from January 2015-December 2015. Please bear with me during this transition! As with all issues concerning the large scale of our annual report, I am very thankful for your continued patience and correspondence! – thank-you!!

UH Specific

Projector to be installed in UH Anesthesia Library, B3-401

A ceiling projector is set to be installed this week in the Anesthesia Library at UH, B3-401. The projector will be controlled via a remote that I am somehow going to velcro/chain to the wall *lol* There will also be cables on site for laptop connection.

I have no doubt that the projector/screen combo will be an invaluable tool during meetings. And yet, it should be noted that the primary use of this space will continue to be for studying, social activities and drop-in visits. Please keep in mind that the library is also the main printing area for all staff on that side of the hall, and that this area frequented by residents and fellows.

If you do need to use this space for a large meeting, please contact me.

If you are interested in using the projector for a study session or meeting, please let me know in advance and I can try and help you with the hardware.

IMPORTANT: There is NO Xcellera access in the Anesthesia Library. Xcellera and smartboard access will remain in A2-101, and where possible, this should be your primary consideration for a meeting space.


You may have noticed some items missing from A2-101 – specifically, an old TV and cart that took up a lot of space. I just recently added a coat rack; however I also have a cupboard coming from the warehouse next week that will act as shelving and a small storage space.

I will be adding stationary, supplies, Lysol wipes, etc to this cupboard. Please try and keep it in good shape! I try and get down at least once a week to tidy things up. I have also arranged for a cleaning schedule from maintenance.  

If you have any concerns and/or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Best Regards,

Brie McConnell
Ext 35134