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Annual Reports

Simulation (ACCTTS)

2015 was another remarkable and successful year for the ACCTTS team.

Notably, in December, the program delivered its 200th PGE Anesthesia simulation day since the inception of the program in 2006. This milestone marked over 8000 anesthesia trainee hours of instruction provided through this program.

The quality and impact of the simulation training program continues to drive excellent reviews from our residents and is often cited as a significant attraction for potential trainees considering Western in our CaMS matching process. 

In 2015, the program made strategic expansion in our delivery to include dedicated interprofessional thoracic, and pediatric simulation offerings. 

We welcomed Dr. Gopa Nair and Dr. Dave Sommerfreund to the ACCTTS team as leads in the pediatric simulation venture. 

We deliver exceptional undergraduate training in the Anesthesia Clerkship Boot Camp. In 2015 we broadened and strengthened the faculty base for this program to include fellow instructors from diverse clinical specialties within our department. ACCTTS faculty continue to assist and instruct in the CSTAR IPE Summer School, Surgery. 

PGY1 Simulation and in the annual Emergencies in Otolaryngology course. We continued to create and deliver interprofessional simulation experiences for obstetrical emergencies under the guidance of Dr. Andreas Antoniou. 

Engaged and capable faculty are the key to a successful education program and our department continues to support and encourage ACCTTS faculty to enhance their simulation educator skills. Our new faculty have committed themselves to this important task. 

Dr. Steve Morrison was recognized with a Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Faculty Development Mini-Fellowship to pursue his simulation development at the Center for Medical Simulation at Harvard University. This is an exceptionally competitive fellowship and Dr. Morrison is to be congratulated in this success. 

Drs. Nair and Sommerfreund participated in the first KidSim Debriefing workshop delivered in London by visiting expert faculty from the University of Calgary. ACCTTS is proud of our committed and diligent faculty. 

Dr. Grace Catalan (Philippines) and Dr. Abdullah Alraffa (Saudi Arabia) completed their respective simulation fellowships in 2015. We are pleased with the broad influence the ACCTTS fellowship program is having through its trainees and proud to report that Dr. Catalan has returned to the Philippines and started the first simulation program in her home country! 

The use of simulation for assessment continues to advance at the national level and we provide multiple sessions to our fourth year and fifth year residents. 

The standardized CanNASC scenarios have been developed in collaboration with other programs across the country and are positioned to provide objective assessment of resident performance in simulated clinical situations. This is a tremendous accomplishment for the academic anesthesia community nationally and ACCTTS is pleased to be a part of this. As we move towards a model of Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) in anesthesia, simulation will play a crucial role in assessment and we are positioning ourselves to help make this challenging transition in the training program. 

This important and timely area of research will continue with a Delphi approach to develop a standardized handover tool and subsequent refinement and validation of the tool in both simulation and clinical environment.