What have your colleagues been up to?

With the green light for Nephrology, Medical Oncology, Urology, Surgical Foundations and Emergency Medicine to launch on July 1 2018, the central Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) team will be providing brief updates from these programs, along with highlights from pilots from other programs.  

First up is Nephrology. It is one of two Medicine subspecialty programs to roll out in advance of core Internal Medicine (expected July 2019). The Nephrology division is raring to go and have outlined the process for the Competence Committee. It will be comprised of Dr. Harihan Iyer, program director, Dr. John Johnson, chair and Nephrology's CBME lead, Dr. Faisal Rehman and Dennis Smith, nurse practitioner, along with Robin Szuch, program administrator. Kudos for introducing a valued health care team member who works closely with their trainees to provide another lens to the assessment review process.

The School's Radiation Oncology program was 'on the mark' and ready to explode from the starting blocks July 2018, only to have the Specialty Committee signal a false start and delay until July 2019.  

Dr. Tracy Sexton, program director, has the essential ingredients for success with an engaged and supportive Chair, Dr. Glenn Bauman, and an equally committed Manager of Administration and Finance, Kim Norton (a regular attendee at the PGME CBME retreats). The program has designated Dr Vikram Velker as the CBME lead. The Radiation Oncology program has been piloting paper versions of the Royal College assessments for the past six months ensuring the faculty are primed and ready to go. Nicely done.