UME curricular project structure and process approved

Project Oversight

The Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Program Curriculum Committee recently approved the new curricular renewal project committee structure and processes.  

As with all matters impacting undergraduate medicine curricular learning at Schulich Medicine, the UME Program Curriculum Committee will be responsible for all decisions and the overall leadership regarding the new program curriculum and introduction of Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) into UME at the School.

A newly reformatted project governance committee, comprised of faculty, students, residents and staff from all Schulich Medicine campuses, will commence in January 2018 for project oversight and report directly to the UME Curriculum Committee.

The membership of this, and other new UME CBME curricular committees, will be smaller and nimbler than the UME CBME committees and task forces of the past year.

Support, structural advice and background information for creating the new UME courses will be delivered by task groups on assessment (progress testing, clinical and EPA) and learning (large group, small group and independent learning) modalities. In addition, we will have joint working CBME committees with Postgraduate Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development in faculty development and information technology.

Calls for leadership and membership in these task groups/committees will be released in early December to all clinical and basic science departments.

Course Retreats

In January 2018, the UME Program will host a retreat for all first and second year course leaders and student representatives from London and Windsor campuses. The focus of the evening working session will be the move to a common semester course structure, integrating existing courses starting in the September 2019 academic year.

Partnering with this will be separate sessions with the courses 'Clerkship', 'Clinical Science Electives' and 'Integration and Transitions'. They will also be focusing on moving to a CBME assessment framework.

Faculty Leadership Roles

In early January, faculty will be notified of new leadership opportunities in course and theme within the Program, in identified areas of learning that transverse longitudinally with the Program.